Dr. Noel Ramirez

About Dr. Noel B. Ramirez



About Dr. Noel B. Ramirez

Dr. Noel B. Ramirez
clinical social worker and public health professional
About Dr. Noel B. Ramirez, DBH, MPH, MCSW, LCSW

Personal Overview

I am a Philadelphia based licensed clinical social worker and public health professional. My practice is informed by Immigrant-Filipino parents who love through a sense of home, a chosen Queer family who resist subjugation, and a public health community that seeks to honor social and environmental context. My approach is relational, inter-subjective, and grounded in love, honor, and respect.
Areas Of Expertise
Asian American Mental Health, intersectional programming, and Gay/Bisexual Men’s mental wellness concerns.
Education and Training

I received my Master’s in social work from the University of Pennsylvania and my Master’s in public health from Drexel University. I have completed my Doctorate in Behavioral Health from Arizona State University and focused my academic work in developing programing on patient-centered medical homes, integrated-health, recovery-oriented primary care, and body-positive behavioral interventions.

I am a certified clinical anxiety treatment professional, have completed foundational training in relational-psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and have a certificate in Clinical Social Work Supervision.

Professional Experience

I have been a practicing social worker and clinician since 2007 and have been involved in various community-based programs in the Philadelphia metro area. In the last decade, I have overseen HIV prevention programs for gay/bisexual men, developed and enhanced recovery-resilience programming for a network of federally qualified health centers, and continue to be involved in community organizing on issues related to social justice. Currently, I teach a wide range of graduate courses that invite an intersectional approach to social work practice at Columbia University and West Chester University. I am the founder and director of Mango Tree Counseling & Consulting, a group mental heath practice that provides mental wellness and care to Asian & Pacific Islanders as well as offering innovative behavioral health support to Queer BIPOC folx.

I am deeply honored to be doing this work and to be in a community with caring and compassionate colleagues and beautiful resilient community members