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What is Psychotherapy



What is Psychotherapy

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What is Psychotherapy?

Finding Alignment
Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to find a witness to your inner-world, resilience, challenges, and pains. Having a benevolent, non-judgmental, and supportive witness in therapy can help these hopes and dreads become tangible…and in time…manageable and, with some work, can move towards alignment with your true self.
As a therapist, I work with folx to help develop insight into the spoken and unspoken emotional injuries. Together, I hope that we can co-create an understanding of your inner world and find ways to find alignment with your values.
The following is a list of content areas that I have had extensive training and professional experiences as a clinical social worker and graduate clinical instructor:
Psychotherapy is Unique
My approach towards psychotherapy is eclectic and centered on the needs of clients, context, situations, and relational concerns. These approaches include relational-psychodynamic therapy, motivational interviewing, acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and emotionally focused couple’s therapy.