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Gay, Bi, Queer, and Trans (GBQT) Men



Gay, Bi, Queer, and Trans (GBQT) Men

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Toxic masculinity keep folx stuck in relational patterns that degrade who we are and damage relationships that are important to us. Central to this toxicity are hurts, shame, unresolved pains, feelings of inadequacy, and cultural context. These stories deserve a place to be told, shared, formulated, and re-imagined.
Some examples of issues that might be addressed in processing masculinity:
"I wanted to cry but did not yet know how to...in English...So I did nothing..."
- Ocean Vuong

JackFruit Project

At the crossroads of our mental wellness journey are challenging questions: Am I enough? Am I too much? Am I in? or Am I out? When will I be home? The Jackfruit Project seeks to cultivate resilience, connection, and mutuality among gay/bisexual and queer men seeking to find their true north to take committed action in their lives. The Jackfruit Project is staffed queer identified clinicians dedicated to helping folx heal from unresolved hurts. We have lived and professional experiences in the LGBTQIA community and are dedicated to providing gay, queer, bi men a space to find integration and access to their whole selves.
We offer affirming and supportive psychotherapy to gay/bisexual, queer men. We specialize in body positivity, recovery, sexuality, identity, and management of mood concerns. We are committed to intersectionality, social justice, and mutuality. We explore trauma, integration, hook-up culture, loneliness, toxic masculinity, and love. We also offer an affordable sliding scale and accept most major insurances. The Jackfruit Project provides community education on topics impacting our community, psychotherapy, and consultations. Topics that are often at the heart of our work are masculinity, hook-up culture, love, sex, sensuality, loneliness, relationships, and recovery.
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